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Internet Safety


Tips for Parents


Talk to your kids. Tell them NEVER to give out their personal information or meet anyone in person.


Spend time online with your child. Find out about their interests and the sites they frequent


Know when and where your kids are on the computer. If possible, keep your home computer in a central area, not in your kid's room.


Learn about computers and the Internet. This is important so you can teach your children. The more you know about the online world, the better you can protect your child.


Know what websites your kids are visiting. Find out all of their screen names and email addresses, and track their online history. Make sure your kids know you're checking up on them.



Tips for Kids


Keep your personal information to yourself. Never share your name, phone number, or address. Make your social networking pages private. Be cautious when sharing your email address.


Don't meet anyone in person. If someone asks if you want to meet up in real life, say NO.


Don't respond to rude or offensive messages. And in return, treat others online the way you would want to be treated.


Be careful about pictures or video clips that you post. If you wouldn't want your grandma to see it, don't post it for the world to see.


Be sure to tell your parent or a trusted adult if any thing online makes you uncomfortable.